Musical Procrastination

It’s been a sad couple of weeks for music lovers in the Blues, R&B, Pop and Rock categories. We’ve lost people whose music influenced entire generations of fans.

Etta James, Whitney Houston, Davy Jones and just this morning Ronnie Montrose, all passed away long before we were ready for them to.

And while it saddens me that such great talent has moved on, some of us that remain have said things that have me scratching my head a bit.

One of the first things I always see lighting up the Facebook and Twitter feeds when our musical heroes die are posts from people who, perhaps unbeknownst, indirectly beg people to go out and buy their music posthumously. It’s as if when these musical greats leave those of us left behind feel compelled to give them one last big send off.

Maybe its a way to make ourselves feel better and somehow make these musical pioneers relevant again on the big stage. To show this generation of robotic, auto-tuned, vanilla music lovers what “real” music is all about. To say to them: “Do you see what you missed out on by being inside your bubble all this time? Natural talent that changed the game. And now it’s too late.”

But it’s not too late. Why must we wait until they are gone to try and get others to appreciate their contributions? We really need to stop putting off all of the great music that exists in this world. Let’s open our ears, maybe just a little?

Don’t you think Etta, Whitney, Davy, Ronnie or the thousands of other great artists would appreciate it more by seeing fans shouting from the rooftops while they’re still alive? The music never dies. It’s always been there. When are people going to get out of their box, test the musical waters and try new things?

Chances are, what they’re listening to now was influenced by the ones who’ve gone and they don’t even know it.

The choir that I’m a part of did a piece by John Rutter last year called “The Music’s Always There For You“. It’s a beautiful piece and one whose words seem to echo my thoughts. See if you agree:

But the magic you share when you make music
Won’t leave you when the time has come to part;
And it feels like you never have to say goodbye,
Because the music’s always there in your heart.

4 thoughts on “Musical Procrastination”

  1. Amen. Beautiful lyric.

    So here we are, just two of many who scream the same thing. Open your ears…and listen. I think the message is getting out there, but no one said it’d be easy.

    just need to keep on, keepin’ on.


    1. First headline says “so and so passed away”…Then you start seeing feeds from relevant people in the industry saying what a big loss it is and we should go buy their music. Why aren’t you telling people to do that EVERY DAY?

  2. Very well said Jim. Music never disappoints…never disappears. Can’t imagine my life without it. It’s been such an influence in every aspect of my life! And, I agree…lets remove the boundaries between genres…and just enjoy good music! Why label it….just listen!!

    1. I like your point “Why label it…just listen”… Obviously no one is going to likeeverything they listen to but at least give it a chance.

      I never saw anyone talking much about Whitney recently unless it had to do with her being a wreck. But the minute she dies, everyone wants to say how she was a great influence.

      The same will be said for Ronnie Montrose…. No one was talking about him, but now it’s “Thank God we have Sammy Hagar still here to carry on the songs….”…. craziness…

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