A Conversation With Skye Stevens

Skye Stevens

Set to become the first-ever Armenian pop star, 18-year-old Skye Stevens has dominated the internet with his first-ever music video “Takes All Night”. The catchy “boy meets girl” dance video has become a YouTube hit and so far has raked in over 1 million views.

With his boyish good looks, fresh sound and alluring persona, the singer, dancer and songwriter is gaining attention from pop music lovers everywhere.

I had the chance to speak with Skye as he begins preparations for a club tour that will take him nationwide to cities all across the US.

In this interview Skye discusses his musical journey, what his vision was for the “Takes All Night” video, his plans for touring, pre-show ritual and who he’d like to collaborate with in the future.

goJimmygo: How are you Skye?

Skye Stevens (SS): I’m doing great! It’s good to talk to you!

gJg: Did you ever expect to get this kind of reaction from your very first single?

SS: In my head I’ve always believed every day that good things were going to happen. Then it becomes real. It’s a lot to take in but I’m so appreciative of the fans, the DJs and the radio stations that have all embraced the song. It’s amazing!

gJg: Was music something you’ve been into all of your life?

SS: I started at a very young age. When I was five my Mom enrolled me in all kinds of activities: sports, dancing classes, singing classes. All of the activities parents put their kids into to see what kind of things they tap into.

For me, as soon as I had my first dance class at five it just became a part of me. From that it escalated into singing and then theatrical shows. I really got fascinated with music and recording.

gJg: Who are some of your musical influences?

SS: Growing up, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. His music was my very first record. I would listen to his music and in my head wonder what it “looked” like.  I remember just being obsessed with videos like “Smooth Criminal”. That really propelled me because I said: “I want to do that!”

Today, artists like Usher and Ne-Yo both influence me. They inspire me. I really respect them.

gJg: “Takes All Night” is your first single. Are there plans for an album?

SS: Definitely! We have more songs but right now we’re focusing on this single. “Takes All Night” is my introduction to the music scene. We started in the clubs and on dance radio. From there, we landed in the Top 20 of the Billboard Dance Chart which is extraordinary!

gJg: Amazing when you consider it’s your debut single!

SS: It really is! We also landed in the Top 5 of several dance radio stations across the country which is big especially when you consider how hard it is for a male to break into the dance market. It’s primarily a female dominated market so as a new act succeeding in a market you’re working against means a lot!

But so many people believed in this record, including one really famous DJ and Remixer I admire a lot: Dave Aude. He’s had over 100 Billboard Dance Chart hits and made my single his “Record of The Week”. For someone of his caliber to do that was very flattering.

gJg: What’s the inspiration for the “Takes All Night” video?

SS: The record is based on a club/electric/dance type setting. For most people you’d imagine the video might be in the club. For me though, I really wanted to take a risk and create something completely different. I wanted to make a short film, a  movie almost. A love story. That’s where the heart of the song is when you really listen.

The video is a love story and I wanted to show that side of me as well. As I mentioned before I’m also very inspired by Michael Jackson and wanted to pay tribute to him in the video.

So when I dance you see the lights following my feet. That’s my take on the Billie Jean music video. It’s my spin on it and tribute to him.

gJg: Do you have plans to tour?

SS: Absolutely. I’m actually trying to get myself together today. I had a late rehearsal last night and we have another one today. We’re working on the show performance, then it’s off for a session with the dancers, then wardrobe. Every hour of the day is 100 mph. I love it!

gJg: Do you have any pre-show rituals you do prior to a performance?

SS: Yes! Even before a rehearsal. I usually get to the stage about 30 minutes beforehand. What I do is change into my stage clothes and then spend about twenty minutes or so listening to a variety of hip hop records. Just to feel the urban sound that’s the undertone for my own music.

I’ll listen to everything from Diddy to Timberland to Lil’ Wayne and Drake and just absorb it all. That and I also have a sugar-free Red Bull to wake up! <laughs>

gJg: Do you have any hobbies when you’re not recording of performing?

SS: If you want a real honest answer, this is my life. I could make something up but this really is everything to me.

gJg: Where do you foresee yourself a few years down the road?

SS: In my mind I know where I’ll be in five years. I think any artist starting out sees that. It’s success. But right now everything is moving so fast and evolving.

Realistically, we worked really hard to create something this unique. It took a lot of time to develop a sound that was different.

Right now we’re preparing to tour in clubs across the country. You start with club shows then radio shows. Then hopefully you open for an artist, then collaborate with an artist. Then you do your own tour. It’s a process. I like to think of it as the “Law of Attraction”.  If you believe in your dream and work hard, it will happen.

gJg: Tell me something not too many people know about you.

SS: My celebrity crush is Kendall Jenner. I think she’s cute! But I feel like if I ever do actually meet her I wouldn’t even know what I would say. <laughs>

gJg: Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with?

SS: I really admire what Chris Brown is doing right now. I think the sound that we have would blend nicely together. He has an urban pop thing going as well and anything we do together would be explosive.

As far as a rapper goes, I’d love to collaborate with Drake or Lil’ Wayne. I think both of those artists are very driven and know what they want. I can definitely relate to that.

Then there’s Alexandra Stan. She’s a Romanian artist who released an album called “Saxobeats”. I think her sound is so different and so unique. It would be interesting to see what the two of us could create together.

Article first published as A Conversation With Skye Stevens on Technorati.

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