Metal Band Virgin Steele Remasters Life Among The Ruins

Virgin Steele – Life Among The Ruins

Originally released in 1993, “Life Among the Ruins” was the fifth full-length studio album by US heavy metal band
Virgin Steele. But, as any fan of the genre will tell you, sometimes its good to revisit a great album.

Virgin Steele’s “Life Among The Ruins” album has been digitally remastered and is part of a newly released compilation that is a fan’s ultimate dream. This 2012 version, released by SPV / Steamhammer contains not one…but TWO discs including a large amount of extras.

The first disc contains the original album along with five rare & unvarnished acoustic recordings, plus a full band bonus track. Disc #2 contains twenty newly recorded songs as well as alternate mixes of some of the album’s original tracks.

All of the material has been digitally re-mastered, and the CD package also features copious liner notes along with rare photos.

The music from “Life Among The Ruins” is bluesy, hard rock and melodic metal; more similar to early Whitesnake recordings than the epic power metal of albums like “Noble Savage” and “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” releases the band is known for.

Line-Up on “Life Among The Ruins”: David DeFeis (vocals) , Edward Pursino (guitars), Rob DeMartino (bass) and  Joey Ayvazian  (drums).

Current Virgin Steele Lineup: David DeFeis – (vocals), Edward Pursino – (guitars), Josh Block – (bass, guitars) and Frank Gilchriest (drums).

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