Inspirational People: Luann Robinson Hull

Luann Robinson Hull’s book “Happily Ever After… Right Now” breaks down the barriers of relationship challenges. By combining spiritual practices and real word exercises, it’s a must-read for anyone stuck in patterns and habits that prevent them from achieving true happiness. It’s more than a self-help book. It’ a model for happiness, and a formula for living in the now!

I had the pleasure of discussing “Happily Ever After…Right Now” with Luann. The inspiration you get from speaking with her is as powerful as her written word. She is an incredibly positive woman who is really making a difference in the lives of people.

goJimmygo (gJg): Tell me a little about your background and what led you to research happiness and write the book.

Luann Robinson Hull (LRH): I had been working in the psychiatric field for several years and saw a lot of pathology and illness and found that it was very difficult to negotiate the positivity. For me, the question became: “How can we work to get people to happiness rather than just getting them to neutral?”

I had also seen a lot of depressed women who were disappointed in their relationships, and I was no exception. I had gone through a very difficult divorce in the 1980s. I thought I had married Prince Charming, but it didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped.

I eventually went from the hospital setting to my own private practice. My goal was to provide health care givers and insurers with a different model and way of doing things. What I found was that it was challenging to create that kind of education.

One night I had a dream and in it, I was just free of everything that was need based. I was in a state of spaciousness and complete freedom. It’s hard to describe but I believe its similar to the state when yogis reach nirvana or in a place of reverence in the moment.

I got the hint that maybe this whole nightmare that we create with expectations and challenges can be juxtaposed if we just think of things a little bit differently. That dream launched my desire. I decided to get up out of my chair and do research on my own and have been doing that for the last ten years. Researching happiness; a very popular, but evasive topic.

gJg: What did you find in your research?

LRH: I discovered that the problem is, we’re still living in a ‘need based’ paradigm where we look outside of ourselves for answers. We want the relationships to bring us the happiness we can’t find in our own hearts.

gJg: What was the writing process like for you?

Luann Robinson Hull

LRH: It took nearly ten years to finish and there were a number of challenges along the way. The one thing I would say about my journey is that if you have an inkling and a passion for something, just hold onto that – even a bit. You will be supported, you just have to set your own fears aside.

gJg: One of the things I loved most about your book is the positive message and the need to maintain course. Even the quotes and poetry you use are positive. Everything about this book is inspirational.

LRH: The more I research, the more I find how powerful our conditioning is. We have global, genetic and other conditioning types (that influence our behavior) but the main thing is to stay aware of what is going on– of what you are thinking. Doing so will be instrumental in how things unfold for you, because you will be catching yourself in recognizing the kind of thinking that serves your growth and highest potential.

gJg: You also include real world exercises to help reinforce your points.

LRH: Our western world minds want to be busy. The exercises included in the book not only give the mind something positive to do, but they also help with the training of the mind in a positive direction.

gJg: If there is one message you’d like readers to take from reading your book, what would it be?

LRH: The one thing I want readers to take is this: To whatever extent you are capable, in any moment of now, bring yourself back to your own passion. Ask yourself, “What is it that you came into this world to offer?”. Each of us is unique and has something extraordinary to share. Our journey here is to make those discoveries. Focus on what that is for you. And when you do, all the people, places, circumstances, and events that can support you, including relationships, will show up.

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