Out For ‘Blood’: Maria Brink Of In This Moment

MariaBrinkWhen it comes to women who rock, there are few who do it better or rock harder than Maria Brink. The feisty blonde singer of the band In This Moment is the Queen of Hardcore Metal. Brink is also one of the most charismatic and endearing women in music today. Believe it.

Last year, following the one-two punch of being dropped by their management and losing two band members, Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth found themselves in a bit of a quagmire. But rather than wallowing in the negative, the duo instead armed themselves with a new-found sense of direction and channeled that energy into Blood, an album that has become their most successful to date.

Reunited once again with producer Kevin Churko (The Dream, A Star-Crossed Wasteland) the combination of Howorth’s guitars and Brink’s infectious vocal lines make Blood a must have album for both die-hard and new fans alike.

The video for the album’s title track features haunting innuendos of both strength and vulnerability and showcases Brink’s seductive nature and vocal prowess.

In This Moment plans to continue to tour extensively in 2013, giving fans more than enough opportunity to pay homage to the Queen.

I had the chance to speak with Maria about “Blood”, her upbringing and where she finds her own inspiration in this exclusive interview.

What was the spark that ignited the new album?

Everything just kind of hit rock bottom and everyone had thought the band was finished. The idea that everyone had given up on us is what lit this fire. The truth is, we haven’t even touched on many of the things we want to accomplish so we couldn’t let go.

In the studio, how do you develop the melodies for your songs?

What I like to do is go into the vocal booth, listen to music and start feeling it and then seeing what comes out. Then we’ll go back and listen to all of the different takes and find the one that’s most exciting. Sometimes, that’s the most organic way of doing things.

Do you find it difficult at times being a female lead singer in a primarily “male dominated” genre?

I don’t think it matters if you’re a woman or a man as long as you’re confident and know exactly what you’re there to do. When I go out there, I control that crowd. I see myself as a queen, commanding and strong. I don’t let anything pull me down or let anyone take that away from me.  We’ve opened up for Megadeth, DevilDriver and some of the heaviest, underground metal bands. Those crowds can be a little bit challenging, but I don’t think that it’s because I’m a girl. From my perspective, We’re a metal band at heart.

Did you always aspire to be a singer?

Ever since I was a little girl it was always a dream. I used to pull all of the kids together from the neighborhood and put on plays where I was the singer. But it wasn’t until I was around 22 that I  started to really believe that I could do this. I realized that I could create this if I really wanted to.

There’s so much power and range in your voice. Have you ever taken vocal lessons?

I’ve never taken lessons, but I’ve been singing for so long that I’ve learned to grow and know how to push my voice. I’m fortunate that I can go from being emotional, raspy and intense to the softer, more feminine sound.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to paint, visit underground coffee shops and of course, the spa. That’s probably my favorite thing. I love just going to a spa and shutting off. For eight hours straight if possible. [laughs]

Which of your tattoos is your favorite?

I’d have to say it’s my knuckles because they say “Believe”. It continuously inspires me to realize that we can all create our own destiny and manifest whatever it is we truly want and desire. If we just believe, we can make it happen.

In This Moment (Photo by: Robert John Kley)
In This Moment (Photo by: Robert John Kley)

What does In This Moment have planned tour wise for 2013?

We’re working on a bunch of things that we can’t announce just yet. But one thing’s for sure, great things are going to happen.

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