Squirrel Food and Black Helicopters

blackhelicoptersI usually don’t like to write about politics but after reading a news article today I just couldn’t resist.

A new survey conducted by the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling, found that 49% of Republican voters believe that Barack Obama did not legitimately win reelection because the community organizing group ACORN somehow interfered with the vote.

That’s right, half of all Republican voters say that ACORN engaged in voter fraud and somehow aided in stealing the 2012 election for President Obama. Personally (aside from the fact that group closed it’s doors in 2010), I find it hard to imagine that anyone would actually believe that a little group of people (with the same name as squirrel food) could have power enough to decide elections. As if the Citizens United decision wasn’t already bad enough.

Conspiracy theories, black helicopters and end of the world falsehoods are fast becoming the norm. Seems like every election (no matter which party wins) there are always allegations of voter fraud and intimidation. And you’ve just got to love how the folks on talk radio perpetuate these myths. Whatever is said on the airwaves suddenly becomes gospel. We are a susceptible society and it’s scary.

Back in 1938, Orson Wells went on the radio and announced that we were being invaded by aliens. Of course, that “announcement” was actually part of a skit he was doing based upon the H. G. Wells novel, ‘War of The Worlds’, but it was more than enough to make audiences believe that we were actually under attack. It was entertainment, much like what the talk radio folks today like to consider themselves to be instead of news.

I firmly believe that our society is more than ready for a second coming of ‘War of The Worlds’. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if every talking head on the radio (conservative and liberal) all got together as a joke and formulated a “skit” to say a zombie apocalypse was taking place, people would actually buy it.

Sure, it’s absolutely ludicrous to suggest that our world has suddenly become an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, but consider the fact that many of these same people who listen religiously to talk radio DO believe in Bigfoot sightings. I’m convinced quite a few people, if they heard it on the radio by their favorite broadcaster would actually believe it.

You want my advice? Forget this voter fraud and world ending nonsense. Take all of these outlandish thoughts and file them alongside stories of the Abominable Snowman and Loch Ness Monster. Because the truth is, if ACORN (or any other group) had the power to somehow rig an entire United States election process without anyone ever finding out, we deserve to be taken over by aliens. Conspiracy theories are for the birds.

Of course, if the Mayans are correct on December 21st, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.

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