Guitar World: Greg Howe Talks Maragold, Guitars and Playing the Local Club Circuit

MaragoldGreg Howe and I have a few things in common. First, we have a mutual interest in a certain instrument and both cut our teeth playing music in clubs in the Lehigh Valley, PA area. But that’s pretty much where our similarities end. While I remained, Howe went on to score major success with his fretboard prowess; releasing critically acclaimed albums and supporting some of the biggest names in music. Now, Howe finally gets the chance to return to his roots with his new band, Maragold.

Together with bassist Kevin Vecchione, drummer Gianluca Palmieri and powerhouse vocalist Meghan Krauss, Maragold’s debut album is a refreshing change to the monotony that is the current state of music. Bluesy, tasty and soulful are just some of the adjectives that describe an album that’s reminiscent of summer and demands to be turned up.

I spoke with Howe to discuss the new album, working with a female vocalist and his days playing the Lehigh Valley. Howe also lets me in on the real secret to becoming a successful guitarist.

How did you hook up with Meghan?

Meghan was gigging on the east coast in some cover bands and Kevin had heard of her. He was doing some gigs there as well in the Philly area. He went to check her out one night and thought she was great, so he had her come over to his apartment to do some recording. He sent me a picture of her and at the time, I had never even considered having a female in the group. But after he had sent me the recording that was it.


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