Queensrÿche Guitarist Parker Lundgren Discusses New Album, Influences and More


Ever since Queensrÿche cleaved in two last year, its members have found themselves in separate camps.

On the one side there’s founding singer Geoff Tate. On the other are three founding musicians — guitarist Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield — who are joined by guitarist Parker Lundgren and former Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre on vocals.

Some would say the latter act has its work cut out for it. For many longtime Queensrÿche fans, Tate is the real-deal — the voice of the Queensrÿche sound.

Lundgren is himself a fairly recent addition to the Queensrÿche camp, having joined the group in 2009. But he and his bandmates have been hard at work winning over skeptics with their new self-titled album. It’s a disc that not only feels like the band’s second coming but also stays true to Queensrÿche’s original sound.

A judge will decide later in November which of the two Queensrÿches is allowed to carry on with the name. Until then, Lundgren and company will be hard at work making their case before the fans, one gig at a time.

Read the rest of my interview with Parker Lundgren by Clicking Here!

One thought on “Queensrÿche Guitarist Parker Lundgren Discusses New Album, Influences and More”

  1. Nice write up on Parker, just one correction, Parker’s former Father-In-Law Jeffery Wayne Tate is NOT a Founding Member of Queensryche.

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