Guitar World: John Waite Discusses New Live Album, Guitars and The Babys

JohnWaiteJohn Waite’s new live album, Live All Access, is as real and raw as it gets.

Recorded live in Philadelphia and New Hampshire with absolutely no overdubs, the album features Keri Kelli on guitars, Tim Hogan on bass and Rhondo on drums and showcases the former Babys and Bad English vocalist at the top of his game.

Waite has achieved international success over the course of his 35-year career. His hits included 1984’s “Missing You,” which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

I recently spoke with Waite about his new live album and more.

GUITAR WORLD: What made you decide to do a live album?

The band was the reason. We also added Keri Kelli as our guitar player, which really upped the ante. I remember there were nights when we were out on stage and I just looked around and thought, “God, this is where I want to be!” This is where I live and I want to share it with people. It sounded so great. I knew I had to get it on tape somehow.

You can read the rest of my interview with John Waite by Clicking Here!

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