Guitarist Maxine Petrucci Pays Tribute to The Quatro Sisters with New Single, “Lost Girls”

maxine…“Club Hideout, Pleasure Seekers and Cradle, the Motor City mad mothers of rock!”…

Often times the Runaways are credited as being one of the first all-female rock acts, but those from the Motor City know differently.

Detroit guitarist Patti Quatro formed the all-female rock group, the Pleasure Seekers back in 1964, and the band played its first gig at the popular Detroit teen night club, the Hideout.

By 1968, the band was recognized as one of the earliest female rock groups to be signed to a major label, [Mercury Records]. Along with Patti, the original band included Suzi Quatro (bass), Nancy Ball (drums), Mary Lou Ball (guitar), and Diane Baker (keys).

In 1969, The Pleasure Seekers morphed into Cradle and in 1974, Patti Quatro joined another all-female rock group, Fanny.

“Patti was my inspiration as a guitar player,” says guitarist Maxine Petrucci. “It was actually Fanny and Cradle and then when I did my own study, I found out about the Pleasure Seekers. I am where I am today because of them.”

In 2012, Patti Quatro announced that she would be performing at the Detroit Music Awards as part of a tribute to the Quatro sisters. “I was so thrilled to hear about it,” says Petrucci. “I pretty much lost sleep over it. I couldn’t believe it was all resurfacing.”

Petrucci says their DMA performance was incredible and was the inspiration behind her new song ‘Lost Girls’.

“I wanted to give Detroit a big plug and acknowledge Cradle, Pleasure Seekers and the Quatro sisters for their work.” she says.

“Detroit rock city is still alive and well and this is our way of keeping the heart beating.”

For more on Maxine Petrucci check out her Facebook page by Clicking Here!

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