Guitar World: Dave Stewart Discusses New Solo Album “Lucky Numbers” and Eurythmics

Lucky NumbersLucky Numbers, guitarist Dave Stewart’s third solo album in as many years, is a well-crafted collection of songs adorned with key elements of blues, country and rock.

Recorded on a boat in the South Pacific with a core group of seasoned Nashville musicians, Lucky Numbers offers a window into the mind of a true modern-day storyteller.

Songs like “Every Single Night,” the album’s first single and music video, delve deep into the circuslike success Stewart achieved with singer Annie Lennox in Eurythmics. Tracks like “Satellite,” “Drugs Taught Me a Lesson” and “How to Ruin a Romance” provide an interesting perspective into Stewart’s personal pain.

I recently spoke with Stewart about the new album, his guitar work and some memorable moments he’s shared with Lennox.

GUITAR WORLD: What was the recording process like for Lucky Numbers?

In the past, I had recorded with players from Nashville at this great studio called Blackbird. This time, I decided to get them a bit shocked and like a fish out of water. So I pulled them out of Nashville and flew them to the South Pacific, where we went on a trip around Polynesia on a boat and recorded the whole album. We would literally all just be standing there in a circle looking at each other while we were recording. It was a very live experience.


You can read the rest of my Guitar World interview with
Dave Stewart by Clicking Here.

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