Sealed With a KISS

DressedToKillAs an early member of the KISS Army, all I can say is that I did my duty. So don’t blame me.

Ever since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened its doors in the mid 80’s, I joined my fellow brethren in bitching and moaning for KISS to be inducted. And over the years, I’ve painfully watched as other artists and bands (many deserving, most not) walk through the Hall’s hallowed doors while Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were unjustly ignored.

Regardless of whether or not you like their music, there can be no denying that KISS deserves a place alongside The Beatles, Hendrix, U2 and (gasp!) ABBA.

In the 1970’s KISS was literally the biggest thing on the planet.

Consider this:

1. You NEVER, EVER saw them without make-up. It was big part of their schtick and one that they took very seriously.

2. They were SO huge that each member created their own solo album and released them all simultaneously.

3. Dolls were made in their likeness.

4. They were in movies, on television and in comic books.

5. Kids (like me) dressed up like them for Halloween.

I remember being a naive eight year old reading the TV guide when I noticed that one of the members of KISS was going to be in a movie that was coming on. Can you imagine my horror when I turned on channel 4 to discover that my hero was actually actress Jean Simmons in a black and white movie. I thought they had spelt Gene’s name wrong.

But that was the kind of impact KISS had. We read about them, listened to their music, bugged our parents to buy their merchandise. Most of all, we wanted to be them. When the “Dressed To Kill” album came out, I thought they were cool. When the “Alive” album came out, I wanted to be a rock star.

Late last year, it was revealed that the band would finally receive their long overdue induction into the Hall. Euphoria ran amok in the KISS Army, while tears of joy ran down the faces of the now middle-aged fans who had dreamt about seeing their beloved four original members reunite in make-up for one final soiree.

But alas, then came the shit storm.

For some reason, whether it was monetary, too much trouble or (most likely) that they simply just continue to hate each other’s guts, the band has announced that they will not play in any line-up at their hall induction. Kind of ironic when you consider that it was Simmons and Stanley (the only two original members still with the band) who have bemoaned the Hall for decades for not accepting them.

Over the years, original members of the band have written tell all books and released ho-hum records. Their induction was the one thing fans wanted most and the only thing that would make KISS relevant again. It’s sad to think that these guys can’t put aside their differences for just one night.

After finally getting their long overdue reward, wouldn’t it have been cool for KISS to put on an induction performance the likes of which have never been seen before? Maybe do it and then announce your retirement during your acceptance speech and seal the band’s legacy with the ultimate rock moment? Sadly, we’ll never get a chance to see anything now.

Gene Simmons once declared that KISS is a band that’s unlike any other. In light of what the band has done to the legions of fans who finally got them into the Rock Hall of Fame, I’d say he got that right.

3 thoughts on “Sealed With a KISS”

  1. As someone who was never a Kiss fan- I would love to see the original members prove me wrong by playing together. Seems like they have big enough boots to walk over all the crap and kick it one more time for the fans.

    1. That would have been the ultimate! I just remember all the years they complained about being passed over and never getting the chance to perform. Then they finally DO get their wish and can’t get it together. And we’re not talking for a string of shows or a lengthy tour… we’re talking for just ONE NIGHT!!

      The sad part is, years from now fans won’t look back and see their legacy of music, theatrics and larger than life personalities. Instead, they’ll just be reminded of what a bunch of a$$holes they are.

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