Mushroomhead’s J Mann and Church Discuss New Album, ‘The Righteous & The Butterfly’

RighteousButterfly-MushroomheadMushroomhead fans can rejoice! The influential industrial metal band are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new studio album, The Righteous & The Butterfly. The offering also features the return of vocalist J Mann and the debut of new guitarist Church and bassist Dr. F.

Recorded in Cleveland and self-produced by the band with longtime co-producer Bill Korecky, the album is a fresh twist on a familiar vibe. Consisting of 14 tracks ranging from songs about survival and balance (“Devils Be Damned,” “Qwerty”) to emotionally charged anthems (“For Your Pleasure,” “Worlds Collide”) and even a riff-heavy rendition of Adele’s Number 1 hit “Rumor Has It.”

Mushroomhead features drummers Skinny, Robert Diablo and Stitch, vocalists J Mann, Jeffery Nothing and Waylon, guitarist Church, keyboardist Schmotz and bassist Dr. F.

I recently spoke to J Mann and Church about The Righteous & The Butterfly.

GUITAR WORLD: How would you describe the sound of this record as compared to some earlier Mushroomhead albums?

J Mann: When you’re in a band that’s been around for 20 years, it begins to define you and becomes a huge part of your life. For this album, we wanted to encapsulate all of the eras the band has been through over the years and also add a new one. We never wanted to lose sight of our roots. We just wanted to take the strengths from all of those eras and consolidate them into one thought.

Why the title The Righteous & The Butterfly?

J Mann: It’s actually a tribute/dedication to two people we lost who were huge parts of the Mushroomhead family. The “Righteous” being J.J. Righteous, our initial guitar player who unfortunately passed away a few years ago; the “Butterfly” being Skinny’s wife, Vanessa Solowiow, who just passed away last year. She was the photographer for the band and was with us everywhere we went. She was a sister to us all. So half of it was named for him and half of it for her. The whole record is dedicated to them.

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Interview with J Mann & Church
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