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Interview: David Cook Discusses New EP, ‘Chromance’ and his Broadway debut in ‘Kinky Boots’

Singer-songwriter and American Idol winner, David Cook’s new EP, Chromance is the next chapter in the artist’s musical evolution.

The ubiquitous use of love as a theme runs rampant throughout much of the EP, but what’s refreshing is Cook’s incorporation of cinematic, pop elements into the mix. Songs like “The Lucky Ones” speak of love in an alternate reality, while tracks like “Warfare” and “Circles” leave the listener wanting more. Chromance also features the driving track, “Gimme Heartbreak” as well as Cook’s ethereal spin on the Phil Collins smash, “Another Day in Paradise”.

If putting out a new album wasn’t enough, Cook will also be making his Broadway debut as Charlie Price in “Kinky Boots,” based on the book by Harvey Fierstein and with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper. Cook’s run is scheduled for April 3 – May 5.

AXS recently spoke with David Cook about his new EP and upcoming appearance on Broadway in “Kinky Boots.”

AXS: How does Chromance relate to some of your previous work?

David Cook: The lyrical content of the songs on this album definitely talks about love, but I wanted to attack it from a different angle and talk about the darker colors. Musically, I wanted to attack it differently as well. Instead of having the guitar be “the” instrument, I wanted to have it be “an” instrument and find other tones, sounds and instrumentation to tell the story. This record has more of a cinematic feel to it, and it’s exciting to take those landscapes on the road and tell the story a little differently.

AXS: What was your songwriting process like for the EP?

DC: It was a mixed bag. Some of the songs started with a lyrical snippet and others began with a chord progression or a top-line melodic hook. All of the songs started in different spots, which made for a more fun and creative process.

AXS: Let’s discuss a few tracks from Chromance, beginning with “The Lucky Ones.” What can you tell me about it?

DC: I wrote that song with Tim Bruns and wanted it to have a dark, “Stranger Things” kind of vibe. I had watched the first season and really liked the idea of love in an alternative universe. A place where everything is backwards and there’s this whole us against the world mentality.

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Interview: Lee DeWyze gets personal with his new album, ‘Paranoia’

There’s something special about Lee DeWyze’s new album, Paranoia. It’s the singer/songwriter and American Idol winner’s seventh studio album, and his first full-length set since 2016’s Oil and Water, but it’s also a collection of reflective introspection.

In addition to emotionally-driven songs like “Let Go,” “Got It Right,” Carry Us Through,” and the title-track, the new album also includes “The Breakdown,” DeWyze’s hauntingly beautiful song of love realized.

There’s a lot of space on Paranoia, which DeWyze will tell you was left intentionally to leave the listener with even more room for thought.

AXS recently spoke with Lee DeWyze about Paranoia (which will be released on February 16) and more in this new interview.

AXS: What inspired this new album?

Lee DeWyze: I’ve always been a singer-songwriter who plays guitar. It’s what I do, but I never want to be bored with myself. I wanted to do something that was me, but me in a different place. It was one of those situations where it wasn’t an album from the get-go. It was more of a situation where I was writing, and as I continued, it felt more like a collection of music that belonged together. The inspiration behind the record actually kick-started with the song, “Paranoia.” I already had pieces for a few of the other songs, but once I started working on “Paranoia” and then “The Breakdown” all the other songs started to come together. Production; instrumentation; vibe. Everything started to feel connected. I wanted to go into the studio when I was inspired and capture those emotions to put in the songs. At the end of the day, I wanted it to feel like an album that you could listen to from beginning to end. Individual pieces that make up a much larger thing.

AXS: Did you find the process of writing an album this way to be more therapeutic for you creatively?

LD: “Therapeutic” is the right word because there were moments where it felt so good to get into the studio and work on the songs. There’s a feeling that comes when you play live on stage where you consciously say nothing else matters. When you’re up there, you’re in the moment, and all of the outside stuff goes away. It felt that way every time I went into the studio.

AXS: Let’s discuss a few more tracks from Paranoia, starting with “Let Go.”

LD: Some of the songs on this record were written in real time, and “Let Go” was one of them. I was sitting in the studio and started playing the riff that opens the song over and over for hours. Then I just started writing. Some of it was really in the moment, emotionally.

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