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Singer Julie Roberts Plans Unique Birthday Celebration

Photo Credit: Jon-Paul Bruno
Photo Credit: Jon-Paul Bruno

Aside from the fact that she already has a gold record in her arsenal and performed on some of the biggest stages in country music, Julie Roberts is the epitome of what a true artist should be. She loves her faith, her family and her fans.

She’s also involved in nearly every aspect of her music. From writing songs and recording new music to building her brand and physically taking autographed CDs to the post office to mail, the beautiful songstress totally believes in her purpose. Now, Julie’s about to celebrate her birthday by doing something she’s never done before.

On Friday, February 1st at 10pm EST, Julie will be broadcasting an intimate concert performance via the Internet on StageIt.

Think of StageIt as an online concert venue. One where artists broadcast LIVE interactive performances directly from a laptop or computer to fans all over the world; offering a totally unique concert experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Fans can log on and tune in from the comfort of their own home from anywhere in the world and see Julie perform her signature hits as well as new music she’s currently working on.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Julie and getting more info about her upcoming StageIt show as well as her new music and plans for 2013!

How will the StageIt show be different from other ones you’ve done?

The show is done via the Internet and is very intimate. I’ll be performing the show at a really cool venue I discovered right before Christmas called The Music Loft. I’ll be there with my guitar player. The cost is $5 and people can sign in from anywhere.

It will also be on my birthday, February 1st. I’d want nothing more for my birthday than to be playing shows everywhere. Since I don’t have one booked right now, I decided to book one myself! [laughs]

What can fans expect to hear at the show?

I’ll be playing some new music that I’ve been working on as well as performing some of the songs everyone knows and loves. There will also be a live chat as well.  I’ll have someone there monitoring the session to let me know what everyone is saying and what songs people would like to hear. It will be fun. This will be my first time doing one of these shows, so I’ll learn a lot from it. I may even try doing them on a regular basis. Even from the studio or from my home.

You’re also working on new material for an album?

I am. I have about half of a new album completed. I have a lot to say and I’m really excited to get it out. I’ve also started a new series on my website called ‘Naked Series’. These are songs that I’ve written or loved that are stripped down with just one or two instruments and my voice.  

What is your process for writing songs?

Every song is a little bit different for me. A lot of the songs I write are based on what I’m going through in life at that moment. Sometimes, late at night I’ll come up with a melody line or an idea. It might be something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time that would make for a great song.

What else do you have planned for 2013?

I plan to release the new album project I’m working on and perform as much as possible. I’m really excited about getting back out on the road. I’ll also be involved in the National MS Society this year. I want to help bring awareness to it. I’ve had MS since 2005 and feel that raising awareness is part of my journey. There are so many people who don’t even know about MS or have misconceptions about it, and the Society helps so many people. These things all mean a lot to me.

You’re such an emotional, soulful singer. Is there a secret to how you bring life to the songs you sing?

I have to detach myself from life and become that song. For me, that’s what I think an artist does. You take the song and make it art. I feel most comfortable and  “right there” when I can get inside of the lyric and become the song.

It just comes naturally for you.

I know that it’s my purpose in life. To be on this Earth, singing and connecting with people every night with my music. I love what I do.

For more information on Julie Roberts’ Birthday Bash show on StageIt – Click Here!

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Julie Roberts: Still Alive

It was a half-dozen or so summers ago when I first met Julie Roberts. It was at a country music show in Reinholds, Pennsylvania and she was in the middle of a whirlwind tour supporting her self-titled debut album on Mercury Records.

Julie was riding high on the success of her mammoth hit “Break Down Here” when she pulled into the little Pennsylvania fair and I was fortunate enough to be part of the local band that performed as her opening act that night.

On this night, I had the opportunity to meet Julie backstage prior to showtime and exchange the usual pleasantries opening acts typically do with the headliner. You know, signing memorabilia, taking pictures and that sort of thing.

Already a huge fan of her music I remember that when our set was over I was standing alone backstage and watched as Julie was introduced and walked out onto the stage. A surreal moment for me to say the least.

The thing I’ve always loved most about Julie is her soulful voice. She sings with such emotion that its hard not to fall in love with it. It’s infectious. When she closes her eyes and starts to sing you don’t just hear the words but rather, you “feel” them.

After the show, I remember seeing Julie and her Mama manning the merchandise booth and meeting anyone and everyone who came up. It didn’t matter how long it took, she was going to stay and greet everyone who came to see her. And I always wished more artists would have that personal connection with their fans.

The years following that little Pennsylvania show weren’t easy for Julie. Although she would release a critically acclaimed follow-up record, “Men and Mascara” she soon found herself sidelined when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

To make matters worse, she was also released from her record contract with Mercury, Nashville and became a victim of the Nashville flooding that occurred in May of 2010.

But even in the face of all of this adversity she never lost faith. Julie still managed to do something that most other artists in her position wouldn’t have…. she pushed on. And the result of which is a record she can honestly call her own.

You make me feel so Alive.

Alive is the third album from Julie Roberts and has to be her most personal. Not only is Julie the artist and one of the principal songwriters on this record but she has also taken on the responsibility of many other aspects of the record as well including CD creation, marketing and distribution.

From the cover design on the CD right down to the little UPC labels that adorn them, she’s had her hand in everything. And where as most other bands and artists have the luxury of a record company for promotion and distribution, Julie personally fills all orders for her independently released album and mails them out.

Whether it’s the jazziness of “Let’s Fight“, the beautiful piano in “Carolina From My Soul” or the good time of “NASCAR Party” this record showcases everything I love about Julie and really delivers the goods. Country, Blues, Jazz  – it’s all here.

Alive is filled with the same soulful voice that I loved way back in Reinholds. One listen to “Whiskey and You” is all you need to feel that same connection.

That’s the difference between whiskey and you.

Julie Roberts is the epitome of what a true artist should be. She loves her faith, her family and her fans. She’s involved in every aspect of her music. From songwriting to recording to taking autographed CDs to the post office. She does it all. Not to mention the fact that she has a certified gold record in her arsenal and has also performed on some of the biggest stages in country music.

She’s back! She’s Alive – and I couldn’t be happier.