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In The Dead of Night

I was driving into work this morning around 5:30 am and was listening to a news update. Something I always do to fill the silence of my morning commute and also because I can’t listen to heavy music that early.

I know, shocker right? Nope, it’s either smooth jazz or news that early in the morning and most of the time I choose the latter.

I usually look forward to these drives. Not because I like being up this early and have to go to work but because the drive itself is therapeutic. I can find out everything that’s going on in the world and then drown all that sorrow into my morning coffee.

One of the top stories today was about the continuing increase in the cost of gasoline. In a feeble attempt to bring a bit of humor into the subject the news anchor said: “In case you haven’t noticed, gas prices rose two-cents overnight while you were sleeping.”

I didn’t find that line particularly funny. On the contrary, I think this is quite serious. Has anyone else noticed the pattern of things like this happening in the dead of night while we sleep?

If it’s not gas prices rising a few pennies shortly after the Sandman visits it’s legislation in Washington. Why is it that controversial bills and decisions that affect the American people always seem to be passed around three in the morning?

We really need to take some action now before this pandemic gets even more out of control. What if we put some high-powered sedatives into these decision makers drinks after 8pm? That should put them out for the night and allow me to get a decent night’s sleep and not have to sacrifice my morning Starbucks in favor of a half a gallon of gas.

There has to be some consideration for the sanctity of sleep.

Isn’t it bad enough they already screw me while I’m awake?